"The Greastest Wealth is Health."





Rich and Celine Huggins have been working in the fitness and health industry for over 20 years, and all around the world. 

With an extensive range of knowledge of the body, they provide their clients with an exclusive service tailored to each and everyone’s personal needs and goals.


Rich has also practiced the art of Massage for many years and has excellent testimonials and reviews from all of the clients he has massaged (including many top athletes). From Sports Massage to Relaxation, Rich can help you with injuries, reducing everyday stress and much more.


More recently they have moved their business towards new directions by mastering the art of Yoga, due to the benefits of the practice for both the body and the mind. If you are looking to find your true body balance, please get in touch.


Individual or Group Classes at your personal Home, Yacht, Business or in a location of your choice 

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Power Yoga is a fitness-based vinyasa practice. It is an offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga. This type of yoga does not only aim to burn calories, but also increase stamina, strength, flexibility and helps reduce stress. It differs from Vinyasa flow in the sense that it is a more dynamic style of yoga.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a smooth transition between Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Bikram Yoga. This type of yoga can be adapted to all levels and has numerous benefits on the body and soul. Vinyasa allows us to teach ourselves how to cultivate an awareness which links each movement to the next - on the mat and in our lives. Awakening for both the parts of the human body and our conscience.

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Yoga fusion is an exciting new trend! And our clients love it. It's a mixture of the ancient practice of yoga as well as different types of exercises such as pilates, strength training etc.


If you are looking for an incredible Masseur - Richard Huggins is the man for you. Specialising in a variety of different massage such as : sports massage, deep tissue, relaxation, lymphatic draining. 

Whether you are looking to recover from an injury, prepare for an event, or just simply relax and have some ME time!

Services can be provided at your personal home, onboard a private yacht or at your business.

For testimonials from our clients - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Relaxation Massage French Riviera

Relaxation Massage

/ Aromatherapy

Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, plus improves circulation and range of movement.

Aromatherapy massage is Swedish massage therapy using massage oil or lotion that contains essential oils. It is great for relieving stress, anxiety, muscle tension, ease pain and increase calmness. 

Sports Injury

Sports Massage / Deep Tissue

Sports Massage includes active and passing stretching to help realign and loosen muscle fibres. This type of massage is excellent for a person's range of motion, performance, decreaed soreness and stiffness and much more. The application of sports massage, prior to and after exercise, may enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.

Deep Tissue massage is great for easing persistent muscle discomfort - releasing knots and reducing overall aches and pains. 

 Lymphatic Drainage

A technique beloved by celebrities for it's sculpting effect. It helps stimulate the natural drainage of the lymph, which helps to eliminate waste from the body. It can help stimulate the immune system, reduce cellulite, improve body sculpt and has great benefits on your mood. 





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Personal and Group Lessons 

At your Home, Yacht, Business or Location of your Choice


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